Open Position: 4th Day Chair

We are in need of the 4th Day Chair to be filled.

The 4th Day Chair

  1. takes care of setting up the dates for the Ultreya with the Pastoral Centre annually.  All the dates are in place for 2020.
  2. Then on the day of the Ultreya, the 4th Day picks up the key from the front desk at the Pastoral Centre, so we have access to the facility that night for 7:30 pm.  Traditionally there is fellowship after.  There is supply at the Pastoral Centre.  Should there be any need to pickup replacement supply, that is reimbursed (bring receipt) by the Treasurer.  The person will be shown how to do the position.
  3. The person who accepts this position will be asked to attend the Secretariat Meeting which is on the same day as the Ultreya,  except at 5:45 pm.  So the commitment to the meeting is also once a month, same day as the Ultreya.

Please come forward to help us keep the Cursillo going, & the way we experience God’s presence in our lives, so we can shared it with our fellow Cursillistas.  These experiences happen all the time.  We notice it more when we share it with one another.  Please come forward & help us.