Greetings from the Officers of CCCC.

As many of you know, the process is underway for the Beatification of the Cursillo Founder, Eduardo Bonnin. Eduardo has already been given the title Servant of God, a title given at the first steps in the Beatification process and an official prayer has been created which may be used when seeking Eduardo’s intercession in our special prayer requests.

The Beatification process is long and exhaustive. As you will see in the attached document from Mallorca, one of the requirements of the process, is to obtain the services of professional historians who are charged with a comprehensive investigation into the life of the person for whom Beatification is being sought. Three historians were hired last year and their work has already begun.

The Postulator, the person who is responsible for the Beatification process, has informed those in Mallorca who are working on the process, that it is now necessary to demonstrate that Eduardo, his sanctity, his wisdom, and his humility and generosity was known far beyond Mallorca; he did in fact travel to all five continents proclaiming that God in Christ loves us. In addition, it is necessary to demonstrate that through his action, the Cursillo Movement was born and it too is active on all five continents. Eduardo in fact spent his entire life, from his early 20s, working for the Cursillos in Christianity Movement. His family saw the value of the work he was doing and they carried his share of the operation of the family business so that he could be free to nurture the new movement.

To further the process, Cursillistas all over the world are being asked for a donation to assist in the endeavour of his Beatification.

However, of greater importance than the amounts donated, we are asked to provide the names, addresses, city, country of each donor. The goal is to gather as many persons as possible who can attest to their knowledge of Eduardo, his sanctity, wisdom and, evangelizing spirit, all done in humility and generosity. To repeat, the amounts should be small. Also when a couple donates it is more beneficial in this instance to have your donations tabulated separately and to register your names separately.

Mallorca is seeking the help of all Cursillo Movements in every country to gather these names and to collect small donated amounts.

Once this is done Mallorca suggests that the donations and contact information are sent to the National Secretariat, in this case, CCCC, who will then forward both to the bank account of the Postulator in Mallorca;  Swift Code account details have been provided for this.

Diocesan Movements will be able to use the e-transfer method to send to the CCCC treasurer as you would when paying affiliation fees.

Eduardo always referred to Christ as his Pole star, the guide by which he set his course through life.

CCCC is asking our Lay Directors to lend their efforts and their prayers so that the Canadian Cursillo Movement demonstrates their gratitude to our Lord for the Guiding Light that he has sent us. Eduardo lived the Gospel and in his own inimitable way, he shows us what it means to be a Cursillista, a Christian following in the footsteps of Christ and answering his call, “Go, make disciples of all nations”.

Please encourage your Cursillistas to be a part of this process of the Beatification of Eduardo Bonnin Aguila.

Please let your Cursillistas know that their Officers hold them in prayer

Sheelagh Winston

for the CCCC Officers Group


If you access the Foundation’s website you will find the status of the Beatification Cause, to which we must add that, last August, the historian budget was accepted. They indicated that it would take about three years (no less) to have the “critical biography”. They call it “critical”, meaning documented”. On the other hand, and in order to demonstrate that Eduardo is known universally, the postulator indicated that the best way to deal with this situation is for the Diocesan Secretariats to collect donations for the cause providing, along with the transfer of the money collected, a list of the donors with full name and address (street, number, postal code, city and country), and the amount contributed by each donor, which in principle should be small amounts.

A big hug