What is Cursillo

The word Cursillo is a Spanish word that means “short course”.  It is a short course put on for lay Catholics by other lay Catholics assisted by a Priest and/or Deacon. However, often religious persons such as priests, deacons, sisters, brothers etc will also make a Cursillo weekend.

Is it a retreat?

No, the weekend is a short course in Catholic Christianity.
It is not a retreat, but rather the weekend is a series of short talks, sharing, fellowship, and prayer held in a comfortable relaxed, informal setting.

Are Cursillo’s only held in Canada?

The first Cursillo was held in Majorca, Spain in the early 1940’s and has since spread to most countries in the world. Most dioceses in Canada and the United States have Cursillo’s at least once a year. It may interest you to know that the format for all Cursillo’s is the same. No matter what country you make your Cursillo in, is the same format.

Where will the Thunder Bay Cursillo be held?

Candidates will be informed of the location.

How long is the actual weekend?

The weekend will begin on Thursday evening, and go until Sunday afternoon. It is advisable that you stay on site for the entire weekend.

What do I have to bring?

Only yourself, comfortable casual clothes, any personal items such as medications, toiletries, pillow, sleeping bag or sheets and blankets. You may bring a bible or one will be supplied. You may want to bring some comfortable walking shoes for break times and free time.

Is there a cost for the weekend?

Yes, but this is only to cover the costs for lodging and food. All of the leaders who put on the weekend do so, on a volunteer basis and pay their own costs (the same as you) for the weekend. Payment can be made on the Thursday evening of your registration or sent in prior with your application. This will cover the entire cost of the weekend. If you are unable to pay the full amount up front, then please call our Treasurer – Judy Ross @ 807-621-2302

What are the dates of the weekend?

Please see the Cursillo Weekends to find out more detailed information about the specific dates.

Why are the men’s and women’s weekends at different times?

Part of the reason is for planning but mostly the reason is that men and women are very different human beings, especially in the way they express their feelings, emotions, relate to each other etc. Sometimes it is just easier to share this “special part” of yourself with someone of the same sex as you, because you may feel much more comfortable. From past experience, since the 1940’s, it has been found that separate weekends for each sex are just much better. It will not take away from the weekend talks and in fact has been found to add much to the weekend.

I feel nervous about going – I don’t know what to expect!

This is quite normal. Most people going to the Cursillo feel a bit anxious, a bit unsure and a bit hesitant because it is new to them and they don’t know much about the weekend. Relax, don’t worry about it and pray to God to remove your cares. You are going to have three wonderful days in the company of other Christians learning more about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.